The Artist behind the balloons

Steven Mayhew, CBA

Combining his twenty plus years of experience as a Certified Balloon Artist and graphic designer, Steven developed this new medium where the art of storytelling and balloons twist together and unite. His first project: the ABC Balloon Book.

Speared on by the popularity of the book, Steven gained inspiration from creative giants like Jim Henson and Walt Disney and set his sights on developing an ever- expanding universe of diverse characters in a world unlike any other.

He now dedicates his time to developing this new balloon macrocosm and the techniques to bring it to life.

Every story has a beginning

"It all started when I saw a greeting card with two owls on it. I thought it was a great design but would look even better made out of balloons. That initial spark of inspiration led to me on the path to create the ABC Balloon Book. The book became a passion project that has now expanded into a universe of possibilities."

~ Steven Mayhew

About the ABC Balloon Book

Designed to captivate a child’s imagination, the stunning balloon imagery makes learning the alphabet fun and exciting!

What inspired you to create the book?

I wanted to combine my years of experience as a balloon artist and graphic designer to develop something different. I decided why not create something that can help children and serve as a tool for parents and teachers. It really was a hobby at first that I just enjoyed doing in my spare time.

How long did it take to make the book and how many balloons were used??

From start to finish it took four years, almost to the date, to create. That’s a very difficult question as in some of the images there were thousands of balloons used. I didn’t count the number as I went along but I can tell you there are tens of thousands of balloons that were used to make up the entire book.

What was the largest animal created?

It’d be a tie between the giraffe and the elephant. The giraffe stood over 6ft tall while the elephant’s head and ears were probably 6ft to 7ft wide in total.

How is this book different than any other alphabet book currently available?

What’s different about this book is that everything on the page is a balloon, and we all know kids love balloons, so you’ll have already grabbed their attention by default. Secondly, it’s not just an alphabet book, it’s art. The book is really something for both children and adults to enjoy together. I’ve seen parents enjoy flipping through the pages just a much as their children, if not more.

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