Lumiere the Candlestick

Lumiere the Candlestick


This movie holds a special place in my heart not only because it’s one of my favorite Disney movies but as a kid I use to force my younger cousin to perform the songs from the latest Disney movie in full out performances during family gatherings. I’d recreate each of the characters in life-size scale by drawing them on butcher paper and coloring them in. I was a little over the top as a kid.

For Lumiere I decided to begin playing more with layering the character's elements on the computer to create the final design. So I first sketched out my design in balloon form and then inflated and photographed each piece separately. Then painstakingly placed each section and added shadows to bring him to life.

I love this new technique in designing my characters because it gives me the flexibility of creating whatever I want and not being held to the limitations of the sizes of balloons and colors made available by the balloon manufacturers.

Hope you enjoy!

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Made out of Balloons 1

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Made out of Balloons 2

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