Merida from Brave

Merida from Brave


Following my love of Disney and Pixar, I liked how Merida was a strong and brave princess. Her hair was always something I wanted to tackle in the balloon world so I tried it out...

Crafting her bow and hand out of 260 balloons (balloon animal balloons), using both inflated and un-inflated latex, I was able to create the intricate details to bring these elements to life.

Merida's hair was a different story. Originally designed for another character I repurposed the structure for Merida's iconic hair and then altered the colors.

Working with a technique similar to individually placing hairs in a wig, I first created a cast of an inflated balloon with plaster strips. After it dried I popped the balloon and then measured out a distance of 0.5" to 1" apart and drilled holes into the plaster. Using a technique with monofilament line and 260s I individually made each curl of her; and then one-by-one inserted them into the "helmet" with a tool fashioned out of wire. 

Behind the Scenes - Making Merida:

Merida Pixar Brave The Balloon Workshop Steven Mayhew

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