Mary Poppins Umbrella

Mary Poppins Umbrella


I felt in light of it being Labor Day this quote fit the day best. Is every job fun? Eh, maybe not. But as the magical nanny once said “find the fun and -SNAP- the job’s a game.” So get out there and find the fun! Happy Labor Day!

To create the iconic cane for our favorite musical daycare provider, I used multiple techniques.

For the beak, it was wire I shaped into a frame-like structure and then inserted it into an un-inflated balloon. I replicated the process for the bottom beak as well. The downward facing feathers used the same method but with the wire crafted into an oval shape before individually being inserted into the un-inflated balloons. 

The circular shape around the eyes was created by adhering a 160 balloon (which is a thinner balloon than the standard 260 balloon animal balloon) into a rotating shape; similar to that of a cinnamon roll.

The rest of the design was create with 260s inflated and strategically placed to create the shape of Mary Poppins hand gripping the cane and the cane being a 260 itself.


Behind the Scenes - Making Mary Poppin's Cane:

Mary Poppins Cane Made out of Balloons 1

Mary Poppins Cane Made out of Balloons 2

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