Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse


Rather than telling ourselves we can't do something, stop and lets tell ourselves we can. If Walt Disney didn't believe he could create a feature length animated movie we would never have had Snow White and everything that proceeded it.⁣ It's about realizing your dream and pursuing it.

This design was at the very beginning of my making well known characters out of balloons and I was opting at the time to just show a segment of the character rather than the entire body. AS you now know, that has changed. Ha Ha!

To create Mickey's legs I used a distortion technique to shape a larger balloon into the shape of his shoes by stuffing inflated smaller balloons into the larger balloon and then sucking out the air. His legs and bottoms of his red trousers were simply 260s (balloon animal balloons).

Check out the making of photos below. Hope you enjoy!


Behind the Scenes - Making Mickey Mouse's Legs:

Mickey Mouse Made out of Balloons

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